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Welcome to "PERUN" company website!
Our company carries out examination, repair and supply of emergency rescue equipment for sea and river transport.
The company is engaged in ship Chandler service vessels in the ports of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.
Our services are provided in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS, RMRS, RRR. That is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

The company “PERUN“ performs inspection and repair of rescue equipment for sea and river transport:

- inflatable life rafts;
- hydrostatic release devices;
- rescue boats;
- wetsuits;
- costumes of hostile environment;
- lifebuoys;
- life - jackets;
- inflatable life vests;
- storm-ladders, pilot-ladders;
- thermal protective aids;
- apparatus compressed air;
- firefighter protective suits;
- firefighting equipment;
- dielectric equipment

The company "PERUN" supplies emergency appliances for vessels:

Collective life-saving appliances
Inflatable liferafts, marine (approved by RMRS):
- PSN-6МК (Solas A-pack, B-pack, C-pack)
- PSN-10МК(Solas A-pack, B-pack, C-pack)
- PSN-20МК (Solas A-pack, B-pack, C-pack)
and others;


Individual rescue equipment
- Wetsuits
- Lifebuoys
- Life jackets
- Signal equipment (lights search for rafts, jackets, buoys)
- Self-rescue devices
- Breathing apparatus
- Storm-ladders, pilot-ladders
- Dielectric protection
- Fire-fighting equipment
and others;

Our address: 190020, St. Petersburg, Derptsyi lane., 3

Hours: Mon-Fri, from 9:00 to 18:00

Tel: +7 (812) 251-74-63

Mobile: +7 (911) 977-63-48

E-mail: perunspb@mail.ru

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